Centre for Vocational Education Research and Innovation Management

dr inż. Krzysztof Symela
Head of the Centre for Vocational Education Research and Innovation Management
tel. (+48) 48 364-42-41 ext. 262, or 48 360-56-27
mobile 661 234 111

prof. dr hab. Larysa Lukianova
dr Ludmiła Walaszczyk
dr Jolanta Religa
dr Dorota Koprowska
dr Beata Belina
dr Andrzej Stępnikowski
dr Ireneusz Wozniak
dr Mirosław Żurek
dr Tomasz Kupidura
dr Małgorzata Szpilska
dr Olga Pawłowska
mgr Małgorzata Kowalska
mgr Edyta Kozieł
mgr Małgorzata Sołtysiak
mgr Remigiusz Mazur
mgr inż. Tomasz Sułkowski
mgr Wojciech Oparcik
mgr Joanna Tomczyńska
mgr inż. Jarosław Sitek
mgr Michał Ślusarczyk



The Centre for Vocational Education Research and Innovation Management deals with relevant and highly topical research problems in the field of work pedagogy, andragogy, intellectual capital in enterprises, behavioural economics of organisations, and other scientific disciplines concerning the issues and challenges faced by modern workplaces. The Centre is an organisational unit of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, specialising in the development of systems, models and tools supporting the integration of the vocational education (both formal and non-formal) with the economy and the labour market, as well as in the development of systems supporting commercialisation of innovative technologies and knowledge dissemination and transfer.


  • Scientific and substantive support for vocational education, intellectual capital in enterprises, behavioural management, and innovation management.
  • Occupational studies, analyses and forecasts concerning new professions, qualifications, skills and competencies required on the labour market and connected with the digital transformation and sustainable economy and energy.
  • Research in the field of vocational education, continuing education, adult education, and professional development.
  • Identification of the needs of employers operating on an innovation-driven market, innovation-related socio-cultural changes, and mechanisms and structures of and barriers to technology transfer.
  • Development and review of vocational education curricula and monitoring and evaluation of market qualifications.
  • Improvement of competencies of vocational educators, career advisers, and innovation economy specialists.
  • Development of vocational education technologies with the use of digital methods and tools.
  • Studies on gamification-based multicultural education in enterprises.
  • Establishment of Polish and European scientific and research cooperation networks and skills alliances to develop highly innovative industries.
  • Organisation of training courses at the Łukasiewicz Research Network to support the development of an Integrated Qualifications System.
  • Development and utilisation of methods for transferring R&D results to economic applications, conducting system analyses of commercialisation procedures and valuation of R&D results, managing knowledge transformation and technology transfer processes, designing systems to support marketing and sales activities of research organisations.


  • Holding consultations concerning new market qualifications entered in the Integrated Qualifications System; services of an Entity for External Quality Assurance of Market Qualifications provided to competent ministers responsible for skills and qualifications (https://www.itee.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/zintegrowany-rejestr-kwalifikacji).
  • Drafting descriptions of professions to be added to the “INFOdoradca+ Informacje o zawodach” database (https://psz.praca.gov.pl/rynek-pracy/bazy-danych/infodoradca)
  • Editing and publishing the Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych – Journal of Continuing Education (40 points according to the journal ranking list published by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science) and popularising research results in articles published in it.https://edukacjaustawicznadoroslych.eu
  • Producing forecast and drafting analysis and expert reports on labour market needs, vocational qualification and competency building, and professional development of educators.
  • Providing services of the Innovation Laboratory (i-Lab) concerning the development of teachers’, vocational educators’ and innovative enterprise employees’ competencies and teamwork skills.
  • Accrediting institutions offering formal and non-formal education and curricula as part of the Polish Modular Education Network.