Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute for Sustainable Technologies is focused particularly on the realisation of basic, applied, experimental and implementation research in 11 main thematic areas including system research, innovation and knowledge transfer, surface engineering, education and vocational training, mechatronics, prototype and experimental production, control systems, information technologies, environmental technologies, textile technologies and tribology. The Institute has its own publishing department which offers editing, publishing and printing services.

The scope of activity of the Institute is mainly concentrated on the structure and maintenance of machines, materials engineering and manufacturing technologies particularly concerning the following:

  • modelling of knowledge transformation and technology transfer mechanisms and structures;
  • scientific research in the area of systems engineering, tribology, surface engineering, operating fluids, diagnostics, mechatronics, bio-mechatronics, metrology, information technologies and life-long learning;
  • optimisation methods for manufacturing and maintenance processes;
  • systems for the rationalisation of materials and energy resource usage in manufacturing and maintenance processes;
  • methods and systems for the support of quality systems in manufacturing and maintenance processes.

The results of the statuary scientific activity of the Institute are composed of innovative technologies, novel devices, systems, mechanisms, processes and original methods, that are practically implemented at numerous national and international scientific, R&D, civic and governmental, and industrial centres. Practical industrial applications of both unique and mass solutions concern all industrial branches, but are mainly concentrated in machine, metallurgical, automotive, textile, chemical and construction industries.


The Institute was established in 1986 and at the beginning functioned as the Interdepartmental Scientific Centre for the use of Property Assets (MCNEMT). In 1994, as a result of a skilful, successful and goal oriented management strategy, which enabled easier adaptation to the changing political and economic situation, MCNEMT was transformed into Institute for Sustainable Technologies, which in 2004 obtained the status of a National Research Institute.
Nowadays, the Institute is a modern R&D institution that has a very strong position both in the Polish and international scientific arena.