Bioeconomy and Ecoinnovation Centre

The Bioeconomy and Ecoinnovation Centre (B&EC) at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies carries out R&D activity and provides services in the field of sustainable economy, which particularly aim to reduce the environmental impact of technological processes, focus on the manufacture of eco-friendly consumables, are directed at closing and integrating water circulation systems, while at the same enabling the recovery of materials and extending the wastewater lifecycle. In its activity the B&EC strives to close loops by ensuring that the waste generated from manufacturing processes is reused in the form of raw materials (in accordance with the concept of circular economy). The B&EC has a developed and advanced technological infrastructure and is equipped with unique R&D, control and measuring instruments and devices.
Most importantly, however, it employs highly qualified specialists (in chemical technology, biotechnology, chemical engineering, process engineering, and environmental engineering) and has vast experience and many scientific and technological achievements, which guarantees the highest level of the services it provides. The B&EC offers its potential – on previously agreed terms – in partnerships established for the purpose of project implementation or service provision including partners representing science and/or business (R&D organisations and enterprises)

Offer of laboratory and expert services

  • research on and development of composite materials, biomaterials and environmentally friendly lubricants and greases;

  • development of technologies and devices supporting the processes of industrial oil and technological fluid maintenance and treatment;

  • selection of parameters of industrial waste, technological fluid and industrial oil treatment.

  • development of methods of thermal conversion and industrial waste management;

  • microbiological analyses on a wide array of chemical materials and specimen;

  • physical and chemical, mechanical, and rheological analyses of greases, water, and wastewater (also as covered by the PCA accreditation);

  •  advanced instrumental analyses carried out with the use of unique analytical instrumentation;

The B&EC’s offer is addressed to companies representing, among others, the agricultural and food industries (including dairies, juice manufacturing companies or fruit and vegetable processing companies), galvanic industry, tanning industry, and light industry (textile or footwear manufacturers), and the metals and steel industry.

Anna Kowalik-Klimczak PhD, Eng
Head of the Industrial Biotechnologies Research Group
Bioeconomy and Ecoinnovation Centre
T.: 48 364 92 18

Elżbieta Rogoś DSc Eng
Head of the Green Technologies Research Group
Bioeconomy and Ecoinnovation Centre
T.: 48 364 92 82