Surface Engineering Centre

prof. dr hab. inż Jerzy Smolik
Head of Surface Engineering Centre
tel. (+48) 48 364-42-41 ext. 251

dr inż. Joanna Kacprzyńska-Gołacka
mgr inż. Marcin Bojek
mgr inż. Rafał Brudnias
mgr inż. Daniel Paćko
mgr inż. Artur Piasek
mgr inż. Michał Poński
mgr inż. Zbigniew Słomka
Michał Siara
mgr inż. Sylwia Sowa

Scope of work at the Surface Engineering Centre is concentrated on the realisation of research and application tasks in the field of surface engineering, processes of increasing the durability of tools and machine parts by means of plasma-chemical methods in particular. The results of scientific activities undertaken include advanced technologies of surface treatment enabling the modification of the surface layer of the material in order to give it desirable functional and operational properties.

            Activities conducted in this particular domain include a wide scope of undertakings of technological nature as:

  • the design of new material solutions for coatings and layers, particularly hybrid layers, compound coatings (composite, multi-component and multi-ply) and layers with a nanometric structure;
  • the development of technologies of creating coatings and layers with operational character by means of contemporary methods of thermo-chemical treatment and methods of surface treatment;
  • the analysis of processes of manufacturing coatings materials with plasma fraction, including in particular ion nitriding processes, magnetron sputtering, arc evaporation and EB evaporation;
  • the material research of thin films and coatings concentrated mainly on their mechanical and anti-wear properties;
  • the development of technologies of removing PVD layers from the surface of tools, machine parts and structural elements;
  • the design and construction of plasma sources, control systems, additional accessories and technological devices for the realisation of surface treatment processes, including hybrid treatment processes.